Chinese dragon illustration

Chinese dragon illustrationHere we have a well-known illustration from Chinese mythology - the Chinese dragon with a snake-like body and 4 legs, chasing the flaming pearl of wisdom and truth. It is nicely adorned with a circular arrangement of bats and clouds. The bats vividly depict the shape of the Chinese character for fortune and good luck (fu).
The above scene used to be a common motif in Chinese industrial arts and is frequently found to decorate objects originating from different periods of Chinese history. 
The Chinese dragon is a mythological creature. In yin and yang terminology, a dragon is yang and complements a yin fenghuang ("Chinese phoenix"). It represents a symbol of strength, happiness and control over water (rainfall, floods, and hurricanes). In most Chinese dynasties, the dragon was the symbol of the Emperor and the ruling dynasty. Generally speaking, the dragon symbol has remained deep-rooted in Chinese culture so far.
There are various descriptions amalgamating the dragon’s anatomy in slightly different ways. However, all of them attribute nine animal resemblances to this mythical creature whose most common characteristics are: a deer’s antlers, a Qilin’s (chinese unicorn) head, a rabbit’s eyes, a buffalo’s ears, a snake’s neck, a fish’s stomach, a tiger’s paws, a hawk’s claws and a carp’s scale. 
Coloring has not been given much of attention, though. If you want to have an authentic illustration of the Chinese dragon, search the Internet for an old picture or a ceramic object decorated with the dragon symbol and color your pattern accordingly.
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