On this page we present and offer to download a beautiful collection of ornamental flourishes from the 17th century.

Flourishes like these can be found in manuscripts and scrapbooks of the 16th-and-17th century calligraphers. In this collection, the flourishes are typical examples of “old school” text embellishments. It is to say that they consist of single, uninterrupted lines; some are composed of two or more overlapped flourishes (so-called ‘multiple stroke flourishes’), while some other can be traced from one end to another by a single line.


Collection of 17th century ornamental flourishes
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Ornamental flourishing has its roots in the calligraphers’ desire to embellish their handwritten texts. They rendered various lines, curves, loops and spirals, mainly as an extension of letter strokes but sometimes also as stand-alone decorative elements. This kind of text ornamentation was always executed in a single, uninterrupted line, while thin and thick strokes were executed only by combining low and high pressure of the quill or pen.

Flourishes are accurately drawn and we hope you will be able to use them as decorative design elements in your graphics or craft projects.


Submitted by Ceh Jan


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