Collection of rose designs

Collection of rose designsThis is a collection that contains 11 rose designs. We hope that you will find a suitable rose design in this collection and send us pictures of your completed project, so that we also can see the result of our mutual efforts.
Throughout history, the rose motif has been very much in use – no wonder, as it symbolizes or reminds of love, beauty, passion, romance, marriage, companionship, etc. Be careful when painting the rose designs because different rose colors associate or symbolize different things. Moreover, there are differences in meaning depending on different cultures. 
The meaning of rose color:
Red rose - romance and love
Dark red rose – passion and beauty
Black rose - death of a feeling or idea, death of the relationship, death, frewell, sorrow, loss 
Pink rose – grace, elegance, admiration for beauty and refinement, sweetness, gratitude  
White rose – marriages, beginnings, purity, innocence, everlasting love
Yellow rose -  friendship, promise of a new beginning, gladness, delight, caring 
Orange rose - desire, enthusiasm, excitement, fascination, 
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This collection of rose designs can be downloaded as CAD 2D sketch (.dwg file format) or vector illustrations (.svg and .eps file formats).