Floral vignette

Floral vignetteOn this page you are offered a design called the Floral vignette. The design was taken from an old German magazine (Kunstgewerbeblatt, published 1911) dealing with various aspects of applied art.
Below the picture, the caption read ‘vignette’ and, as you can see, it represents a very nice symmetrical floral design depicting a central flower with pestles directed upwards; on each side there is a symmetrical flower turned downwards,  and the flowers are connected by a stem with leaves on it. This is a very simple, yet beautiful floral vignette. You can use it individually, or as part of a more complex floral design.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported 
This vignette can be downloaded as 2D CAD sketch (dwg format) or vector illustrations (eps and svg formats).