Square leaf pattern

Here you can download vector (eps and svg file formats) and 2D CAD (dwg file format) files containing a drawn pattern that you can see in the picture. The pattern is square in shape, composed of leaves and scrolls, so we named it the Square Leaf Pattern.

Square leaf pattern

It was our intention to draw it inaccurately (as if it were a freehand drawing), which gives it a rustic and interesting look. It is colored with shades of green, but as always, inside the files you can also find an uncolored pattern that you can paint to your liking. This square leaf pattern is symmetrical, and it is enough to draw only a 45-degree segment  with which you can form the entire pattern (mirror copy and rotation copy).


Square Leaf Pattern is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


Square leaf pattern - dwg file format (319.08 KB)


Square leaf pattern - eps file format (533.95 KB)


Square leaf pattern - svg file format (322.93 KB)