Ramesses II in the Battle of Kadesh

Ramesses II in the Battle of KadeshRamesses II was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. On this page you can download the famous illustration of Ramesses II (often called Ramesses the Great) in the middle of the Battle of Kadesh. 
He was one of the most important pharaohs in the very long history of Ancient Egypt. He ruled for 67 years (1290 - 1224). During this period Egypt was flourishing, despite a large number of wars that were waged. 
In the illustration you can see King Ramesses II riding on a chariot, with his bow and arrow drawn taut. The scene comes from the famous Battle of Kadesh that was one of the greatest battles of the time. It was fought between the two largest empires of the time, Egypt and the Hittite Empire, for the control of the territory of today's Syria. There are several illustrations of Ramesses II standing on the chariot and you can find them under the names:  Ramesses II  storming the Hittite fortress of Dapur, Ramses II conquering  Nubians, Ramses II on chariot ...
This illustration is often depicted on papyrus and, as such, it is sold throughout the world as a souvenir featuring Ancient Egypt.
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