Eye of Horus symbol

Eye of Horus symbolOn this page you can download a famous ancient Egyptian symbol Eye of Horus in vector (.svg and .eps) and 2D CAD (.dwg) file formats. The design is hand traced and in the picture you can see what it looks like when painted in black. 
The Eye of Horus (or Wadjet, or Ujat) was a symbol of protection in Ancient Egypt. It was attributed protective and healing properties. A large number of Ancient Egyptians (including both pharaohs and ordinary people) used to wear this symbol as a protective amulet. 
It is believed that the Eye of Horus symbol, in fact, represents the left eye of the Hawk God Horus that he lost during his fight with Seth. Horus’s right eye symbolizes the Sun and his left eye – the Moon. The story of the “torn out” eye is probably an allusion to the lunar phases (this destructed “empty eye” is associated with the New Moon and its miraculous restoration – the “full eye” – with the Full Moon).
In addition to the Ankh symbol, the Eye of Horus is nowadays one of the most famous symbols of Ancient Egypt.
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