Trammel (beam compass) plan

Download free Trammel (beam compass) plan.

Make precise items by the measurements given on particular 2D drawings. The measurements are given in millimeters, and the measurements in inches are given in brackets (1 inch = 25, 4 mm).

Do not forget to chamfer the edges on items 1,2 and 4. This way you will avoid injuries that can happen on very sharp edges. It should become a rule when you work with metal items that are being made by cutting, milling or turning.

The Fixed Holder (item 2) and the Vertical Bar (item 3) have to be tempered in order to harden them and besides that, these two items have to be made out of the quality steel with high hardness.

Trammel (beam compass) plan

Trammel (beam compass) plan ( PDF ) - Pages 12; 1,69Mb

Trammel (beam compass) -  Parts List

Trammel (beam compass) plan - Parts list

Trammel (beam compass) - Assembly Drawing
Trammel (beam compass) plan - Assembly drawing


Instructions for drawing the big circle

Set the distance between the sharp ends of Vertical Bar (item 3) and Movable Holder (item 4) to match the circle radius you planned to draw. After that, tighten up the Handle Man (item 6) to secure that the sharp end will stay at the wanted radius. Stick the sharp end of the Vertical Bar (item 3) into the material. This point will be the center of your circumference, which you need to draw with the sharp end of the Movable Holder (item 4).