In our free woodworking plan we present you a drawing board with adjustable height and top drafting board angle, so you can use it while sitting as well as in the standing position.

A drawing board (also drawing table, drafting table, mechanical desk or architect's table) is a desk that can serve for drafting precise technical illustrations (such as engineering drawings or architectural drawings), drawing, writing or sketching, usually on a large sheet of paper. It can also be used for reading large format books or other oversized documents. Until the creation of CAD (computer aided drafting) software, drawing boards were most often used by engineers for the making and modifying of technical drawings.


Wooden drawing board plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Medium, requires precision
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby – Hand tools, power tools and machines
Applied woodworking joints
Tab and slot joint

Adjustable height and top drafting board angle.


Although the modern computer technology nowadays makes it easier to do technical drawings, many people still like to draw or do sketches on the drawing boards. You can adjust table height due to x-shaped legs. Tabletop slope is adjusted using the slider plank. Both height and slope are adjusted with screws. We recommend that you use wing nuts or hand tighten nuts in these places so that you can make changes as easily as possible. Anyway, the drawing board is made in such a way that it can be used as a regular table when you don’t need to draw, and it can be even easily disassembled and put aside if it gets in the way. If you are making technical drawings try to purchase drafting arm (drafting machine) that engineers use on industrial drafting tables, you will install them very easy, and they will make you technical drawings more precise and faster.


Exploded view and parts list
Drawing board - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Drawing board - Assembly drawing


It is also useful to put the Screw Hooks on the board Legs and attach the chain to it. This will secure the stability of the Legs, and if the Tighten Nut is not tight enough the Legs will not slide.


Drawing board - Leg slide


Drawing board - Chain


The making of this drawing board is not overly difficult, so it is recommended to everyone, even beginners, as a challenge. The construction is simple, the geometry of parts is not complex, and the only thing to look out for is precision. For the making of the drawing board both softwood and hardwood can be used, it is only important that it is of good quality and dry, and for the part called drafting board (Part 15) it is best to use plywood. We hope you like the design and quality of our plan and that you will find it quite helpful while making your own drawing board.


Drawing board - Leg slide
Drawing board - Chain
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Submitted by Ceh Jan