On this page you can see free metalworking plans for making several tools with which you can quickly and efficiently bend wire into various shapes.

Wire bending tools and jigs
Project difficulty
Simple, requires experience
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic manual metalworking shop machines


  • Bending former: Various sizes
  • Bending block: 88mm (3 15/32'') x 83mm (3 9/32'') x 100mm (3 15/16'')
  • Small diameter wire bender: D 12mm (15/32'') x L 140mm (5 1/2'')
  • Rebar bending tool – Rebar bender: 32mm (1 1/4'') x 16mm (5/8'') x 140mm (5 1/2'')
  • Wire Bending table mount jig: 88mm (3 15/32'') x 83mm (3 9/32'') x 100mm (3 15/16'')


Bending former

By using a bending former you can very easily bend a piece of wire into the desired shape. The principle is very simple: in the workshop, find an object or part of the same size and shape that you want to obtain after bending, fix that part in a clamp and bend wire around it. Various parts can serve as bending formers such as: off-cuts from steel pipes, cone pulleys, pulleys, scrap wood pieces ... This is a very simple method for bending wire, and in the following picture you can see a few examples.

Bending block

In the next picture you can see how to make a bending block that is fixed in a vise. The principle of bending is similar to the one of bending formers, and the difference is that there is a plate with a stepped stop-block attached to the top of the bending block (Base part). The arm can't be rotated around the block. If you do not have the equipment necessary to make the block part, you can find a suitable cone pulley and adjust the structure to its dimensions.

Small diameter wire bender

In the next picture you can see a drawing which can help you make a small tool to quickly bend thin wire with. This is a very useful tool for electricians and people involved in the making of wire jewelry. In a sense, working with it is like working with round nosed pliers.

Rebar bending tool – Rebar bender

This is a very simple wire bender whose dimensions correspond to bending steel bars for reinforcing concrete. In a similar way, by changing the parts dimensions you can make a wire bender for smaller wire diameters. On the Internet you can find a number of examples of this kind of wire bender, so if you dislike this design, you can find a similar one and make a combination of our plan and the wire bender from the image you have found.

Wire Bending table mount jig

If you need a simple and convenient jig for quick wire bending, have a look at the following drawing. If you like the principle, apply it on the basis of the drawing offered. The jig consists of a base with various slots acting as brakes for bending wire, and in the middle there are holes where movable studs are placed. The jig is attached to a tabletop, and with it you can bend spirals, various angles and loops (eyes).

How to use bending formers
Bending block plan
Bending block - Assembly drawing
Bending block - Parts drawing
How to use bending block
Small diameter wire bender plan
Small diameter wire bender - Drawing
Rebar bending tool plan
Rebar bending tool - Drawing 1
Rebar bending tool - Drawing 2
How to use rebar bending tool
Wire Bending table mount jig plan
Wire Bending table mount jig - Drawing

Choose the bending tool that works best for you and make it.


Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan