Here you can download another 3D design intended for decorating horizontal rectangular surfaces.

The pattern was found in an old book, it is symmetrical in relation to the vertical axis, and judging by its appearance, we’d say it belongs to Art Nouveau style.


Horizontal 3D design
3D model category
3D CAD software used for modeling

Rhino 3D + T-splines (Trial version)

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

.stp (Standardized 3D graphic exchange file format) - Solid 3D model

Available polygonal mesh file formats

.obj and .stl

OBJ Mesh - Quads only; Vertices: 1587; Edges: 2845; Faces: 1264; Mesh topology supports multiple subdivisions; 3D model without texture and materials

STL Mesh - Triangles only;  Vertices: 56324;  Edges: 168948;  Faces: 112632


Based on this 3D design, you can make a slightly more complex horizontal 3D design if you copy it with the Mirror command in relation to the upper horizontal (the upper horizontal line of the imaginary rectangle around the design). In this way you will get a horizontal 3D design of the same width, but double the height.

Horizontal 3D design was created in Rhinoceros 3D CAD software (+ T-splines plug-in) on the basis of the 2D pattern that can be downloaded below.


Download 3D model (BREP and NURBS)

Submitted by Ceh Jan