If you need a sun-shaped decoration to make a simple wooden relief on a CNC engraving machine, this 3D model of ours may meet your criteria.

This is a simple 3D model of the Sun that consists of a circular disc in the middle, with alternate 8 long and 8 short wavy rays. If you make it from wood using a CNC engraving machine, it can be a beautiful decoration on furniture pieces, walls, boxes, or it may serve as a decorative basis for wall clocks.


Decorative sun 3D model
3D CAD software used for modeling

Blender for modeling

Rhino 3D + T-splines (Trial version) for conversion from polygonal mesh to NURBS surfaces

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

.stp (Solid model) and .3dm (Surface model)

Available polygonal mesh file formats

.obj, .blend and .stl ( "stereolithography" - Standard Triangle Language)

Geometry: Mesh - Quads and triangles in the center of the sun; Vertices:2017; Edges: 1856; Faces: 3664; Mesh topology supports multiple subdivisions; Base 3D model without texture and materials

STL mesh - only triangles; Vertices:30161; Edges: 90477; Faces: 60318; Mesh does not have any degenerate faces, non manifold edges, naked edges, duplicate faces...


Depending on what you want to decorate, you need to adjust the dimensions of the 3D model by scaling in a 3D software. 3D models like this are simply drawn in 3D CAD software, so if you do not like the one offered here, we hope that you have become inspired to create your own 3D model of the Sun and make a nice 3D decoration from it!


Submitted by Ceh Jan