Free Spiral hepta 3D shapes for your 3D graphics projects. Could be well used with different 3D projects as a decorative element.

The basis for the drawing of these 3D shapes has been the 2D pattern which you can download here: Spiral hepta 2D design. The design consists of a central spiral featuring 4 turns, with the last turn throwing off 7 spirals which have 2 turns each. In this way an interesting shape is obtained that can be modified in case you do not like this variant, i.e. you can change the number of spirals on the last turn, the dimensions of the spirals, or the number of turns on the spirals…



Spiral hepta 3D shapes
3D model category
3D CAD software used for modeling

Rhino 3D and Blender

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

.stp (Standardized 3D graphic exchange file format) and .3d (Rhino 3D native file format)

Available polygonal mesh file formats


Geometry: Mesh - Quads only; Vertices: 7863; Edges: 14846; Faces: 6984; Mesh topology supports multiple subdivisions; Base 3D model without texture and materials.

Mesh has naked edges (there is no bottom surface). The mesh is not bad, but naked edges can cause problems if the ultimate goal is STL output.


We have modeled only one 2D design but created two 3D designs based on it. The first was created only by using the Protrusion (extrude command in some 3D CAD software) command in 3D CAD software. This version of the 3D design can be beautified by inserting the radius, and depending on the radius size various variants of this 3D model can be obtained. The second version was created with polygonal mesh 3D computer graphics software which we used to create a bas-relief from the 2D design. In your projects, you can directly use one of the 3D models that you are offered. If you like drawing, use this design just as an idea, draw a 2D pattern that suits you,  and create a 3D shape based on the above-described drawing modes and modification suggestions.


Download 3D model (polygonal mesh)

Submitted by Ceh Jan