Cinquefoil gothic tracery window pattern

Cinquefoil gothic tracery window patternIf you need gothic patterns on this page we present you one that we named Cinquefoil gothic tracery window pattern.

It consists of a decorative element called ‘cinquefoil’ which is inscribed within a circle and a square. The side of the square is equal to the diameter of the circle. 

A cinquefoil is a decorative element consisting of a shape which forms the overall outline of five partially overlapping circles of the same diameter.  The cinquefoil was a very common decorative element during the Gothic period, and we can usually see it on Gothic window tracery. This pattern consists only of lines and arcs and is drawn according to the rules of geometric drawing.

Based on this Gothic tracery pattern we have also drawn a 3D model that you can download here: Geometric 3D designs

You can use the pattern for Gothic-related projects, and if you take a closer look, this pattern is essentially a simple square border with a large blank space in the middle where you can insert something.

By the way, such patterns are very simple to draw, you just need basic knowledge of planar geometry, i.e., knowledge of drawing various 2D figures using geometric drawing methods. If you, however, lack in this knowledge, you can find a large number of old books that address this issue, or simply draw Gothic tracery in 2D CAD software.

Cinquefoil gothic tracery window pattern can be used within commercial and non-commercial design projects. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Available file formats: 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps, and .svg)

Cinquefoil gothic tracery window pattern - .dwg format (38.16 Kb)

Cinquefoil gothic tracery window pattern - .eps format (73.41 Kb)

Cinquefoil gothic tracery window pattern - .svg format (32.13 Kb)