Here you can download a large collection of simple design elements called “Gothic Tracery Design Elements” as they consist of gothic tracery patterns.

With them, you can draw very complex Gothic tracery very quickly, i.e., the drawing of gothic tracery patterns will be reduced to copying, scaling, arranging, etc. of these design elements. The collection includes a large number of Gothic tracery design elements, which have been divided into 4 groups.

- Gothic multifoil šare – trefoil, quadrifoil, multifoils
- Gothic forms containing tangent circles
- Gothic pointed forms – equilateral arches, equilateral curved triangles
- Other foiled figures

To make it clear, this division was not our idea - we took it from the book in which all these design elements were found. By the way, the book is called „A source book of problems for geometry, based upon industrial design and architectural ornament“ (Author: Mabel Sykes, Published 1912).


Gothic tracery design elements
Available file formats

2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps and .svg)

By the term ‘tracery’ we mean an architectural element that divides mostly windows into sections of various shapes using stone bars, ribs or mouldings. In simpler terms, these are stone decorative elements that support the glass in a window. In addition to the decorative function, tracery also served a building function, as in Gothic architecture the windows were extremely large and there had to be an auxiliary structure to hold the glass. The most famous tracery is Gothic tracery with the outstanding feature of being drawn by using geometric rules and consisting of lines and circles only. Although there are a large number of Gothic tracery patterns, they mainly consist of the same or similar pattern parts or design elements. We have tried to draw as many of these parts as possible, and here they are offered to you for download. In this way, if you use some 2D CAD or vector software, you can very quickly form complex tracery patterns from these tracery design elements. You won’t have to draw each element of the pattern yourself by following the geometric rules, it will be enough to choose the shape of the tracery pattern that suits you in which these design elements just need to be imported.

Of course you will have to copy them to different places, scale their dimensions, add moulding lines if needed…. But you’ll have to admit one thing, which is that this way we have done our best to accelerate your work, so you won’t have to spend any time drawing repeating elements but focus your creativity mostly on the design of the entire pattern! Of course, in addition to all, there are a large number of other Gothic tracery design elements, and over time we will be drawing more and more of them and you’ll be able to find them published here. If you have some examples of precisely drawn elements that we have not drawn so far, we’d be glad if you sent them to us so we can add them to this collection.


Submitted by Ceh Jan


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