Decorative art of the Amur tribes

Most of the peoples on the planet have developed specific decorative forms of art. On this page you can see an example of decorative art of the tribes that lived in the area around the Amur River. The Amur is the 10th longest river in the world (4,444 km or 2,763 miles). It is located in the easternmost part of Siberia, on the border of China and Russia. It served as a busy highway and supported the lives of a large number of tribes (Tungusic peoples (Evenks, Evenki, Nanai), Nivkh, Mongols...) living nearby. 
You will find 8 patterns originating from the book “The decorative art of the Amur tribes” (Author: Berthold Laufer, Published: 1902). The Amur tribes have developed a very interesting decorative art that you can see according to the given examples.
If you like these patterns, you can download them in 2D CAD (.dwg) or vector (.eps or .svg) file formats.
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Decorative art of the Amur tribes 1