Corner decorative ornament

Corner decorative ornament

If you need a simple floral corner ornament, look at this one in the picture, it may satisfy your requirements.

We have named it descriptively the corner decorative ornament, and found it in an old book on architecture. It consists of curved lines with foliage design elements such as stylized flowers and leaves. The ornament, although more than 100 years old, has an appearance that can still be used today. Placed in the corners, the ornaments (as there is more than one, of course) will give an extremely nice border, and if you need more space inside the border, you can decrease their size a little, and decorate the blank space between them or simply leave it blank. This way, with this corner ornament, you can form the border of any dimensions and any rectangular shape. If you need a different corner ornament, search the ’Free Patterns’ category of our site, you may find some other ornament or corner design element that works better for you.


This free Corner ornament vector is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


Available file formats: 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps and .svg)

Corner decorative ornament - .dwg format (140.86 Kb)

Corner decorative ornament - .eps format (288.32 Kb)

Corner decorative ornament - .svg format (147.08 Kb)