Furniture scroll saw patterns

Furniture scroll saw patterns The picture shows the appearance of two scroll saw patterns that are offered for download here, which may come in handy when designing antique furniture or some panels.


We found them in the book ‚Furniture with candelabra and interior decoration‚ (Author: Bridgens Richard) published in 1838. These patterns come from a book that was dedicated to antique furniture and décor, and they were said to belong to Elizabethan style. Below the image of the first pattern, it was written: Print cabinet, at Aston Hall, Warwickshire. Below the image of the second pattern it was written: Side of bookcase, at Aston Hall. 


Both ornaments are rectangular and not very complex, so you can also cut them manually using scroll saw technique. They can be used as ornaments on furniture pieces, for the making of very nice panels of old-fashioned appearance, or even as a scroll saw pattern for beginners to practise the scroll saw technique, etc.

We have drawn the patterns carefully using 2D CAD software, which makes them not only suitable for graphical use but also for use in CAM software if you are going to cut them with CNC machines. Both patterns have  horizontal and vertical axes of symmetry, and we are sure this will facilitate work for you.


These furniture patterns are available in 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps and .svg) file formats.


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Choose format and download these free scroll saw patterns:

Furniture scroll saw patterns - dwg file (170.95 Kb)

Furniture scroll saw patterns - eps file (367.12 Kb)

Furniture scroll saw patterns - svg file (276.49 Kb)