Large collection of decorative geometric patterns. All the patterns are precisely drawn in 2D CAD software and transformed into vector file formats.

You can use them as decorations or if you do 3D modeling, you can freely use them as an initial sketch on the basis of which you will draw your 3D model. As with all other free patterns categories, all the works published in this one will also be under Creative commons attribution licenses, and there will be 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.svg and .eps) file formats at your disposal. To be able to edit or modify these geometric 2D patterns, you need to have installed 2D CAD or vector software. There are several free programs with which you can edit them: 2D CAD (Solid edge 2D drafting, LibreCAD, NanoCAD (free version)...) and vector (Inkscape...) We hope that in this category you will find a geometric pattern that meets your criteria, and thus make us happy for having enabled you to be as time-efficient as possible!


In the picture below you can see a free pattern named the Interlaced Saracenic repeating pattern.

If you need to decorate a circular surface with a nice interlaced pattern, just take a look at these 5 round intertwined patterns as some may meet your criteria!

This is the collection of 5 Japanese pakwa diaper patterns. All patterns we found in an old book, and it's a shame to be forgotten on its pages.


Here you can download a simple pattern in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. The pattern is accurately drawn and you can use it to make jigsaw puzzle.

In the picture you can see a free pattern named the Lapita repeating pattern, a very old pattern that belongs to Lapita culture.

On this page you can download two Medieval maze patterns. The patterns are precisely drawn, which can be seen by looking at a image below.

On this page you can download a simple pattern that we named Moorish architectural ornament.

On this page you can download two patterns that we called Moorish glazed earthenware tile patterns.

The picture shows the appearance of two architectural patterns that you can download here, which we called the Oriental lattice patterns.

In the collection which you can download here you will find 3 oval and 17 semicircular stained glass patterns.

On this page we present to you a collection of 37 parquet flooring patterns that have been found on the pages of various old books and magazines.

The patterns that you can download here originate from Pompeii and Ancient Rome. A classic example of a tessellation pattern.

On this page you can download a very interesting pattern which we called the radial symmetry pattern.

These two Rectangular geometric patterns are precisely drawn and originate from an old public domain books.


On this page you can download tessellation pattern that we simply called Repeating 2D pattern.

On this page you are offered a simple pattern called the ’repeating 2D pattern with interlacing straps’. The pattern is very similar to a wooden lattice.

This is a large collection of repeating stained glass patterns. With these patterns, you can make a very nice decorative stained glass panels.

If you need a round geometric pattern for decorating, on this page we have provided one named 'Round architectural decorative element'.

On this page you can download a collection of round designs suitable for chip carving.

Here you can download a simple geometric pattern that is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

This is a large collection of 67 templates that you can use for making French curves.

In this collection you will find 71 simple cresting designs. This collection includes only simple geometric cresting designs.

Here you can download Spiral Hepta 2D Design. We drew it on the basis of a Celtic triskelion symbol.


This is a collection of 19 square stained glass patterns with floral and geometric motifs. 

On this page you can download two strapwork ornaments (interlaced ornaments) which dates from the 16th century.

In the picture above you can see a free pattern named the vectorized furniture scroll saw pattern.