Impossible objects vector art

Impossible objects vector artThis is a collection of 20 impossible objects drawn in a 2D CAD program and transformed into vector art format. Impossible objects are a type of optical illusion which is achieved by using 2D figures drawn in such a way that our visual system creates the illusion of a 3D shape. 2D figures are deliberately drawn so as to make the human brain create the illusion of a 3D shape which actually cannot exist in space. Interestingly, the impression that this is a 3D shape remains in the brain even after  the observer becomes aware that it is an impossible 3D object. There is a great number of impossible objects among which the most famous are the impossible cube, Penrose stairs, Penrose triangle and blivet (or Devil's tuning fork), all to be found in our collection.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Available vector art formats: svg and eps
Available 2D CAD format: dwg

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