Black and white vector portrait of the famous American actress, singer, and model Marilyn Monroe.


Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson, 1926 –1962) was an American model, actress, and singer, and one of the most famous women of the 20th century. She is considered one of the most iconic Hollywood stars of all time. Marilyn was born and raised in Los Angeles, USA. Although most people associate her with glamour, her private life was turbulent and unstable. Marilyn never knew for sure who her father was and her mother, who suffered from mental illness, was unable to take care of her. Because of that, Marilyn spent most of her childhood in foster homes and orphanages. In order to escape life in foster homes, she married at the age of 16. Three years later, when she began modeling, she split up with her husband and then divorced him. At that time she straightened her curly brunette hair and dyed it blonde. Within several months, by early 1946, she became a successful model appearing on 33 magazine covers.

For the young 20-year-old Norma Jeane Baker (her real name), 1946 was a pivotal year. She got divorced, signed her first movie contract, changed her name to a more glamorous stage name, and started taking drama lessons. However, until 1950 she appeared in just several minor supporting roles, mainly in low-success movies. During that period she continued modelling to earn for a living and struggled to become recognized and get better roles. One of the photos from this period further boosted her career to the stars, after Hugh Hefner bought and published it in 1953 as the centerfold sensation in the 1st issue of the men's magazine “Playboy”. Marilyn also appeared on the cover of this issue. No one asked for her permission, and she was never paid for it, except $50 for posing to the photographer, despite millions of dollars that other people made off her photos. In 1950, Marilyn managed to attract attention as an actress playing minor roles in a few critically acclaimed movies.


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After that, she started getting big roles and soon became a star that neither Hollywood nor the world had ever had before. Because of her exceptional beauty and the unique impression she made on the audience, no wonder that she became the most profitable Hollywood actress and cultural icon. Her career as a top star lasted only 10 - 12 years, during which she made films such as “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), “How to Marry a Millionaire” (1953), “Some Like It Hot” (1959) and several more. During this period, she had two more short-term marriages and many affairs, indicating that she still failed to find stability and happiness in her private life. In 1957 or so, psychic trauma and health problems had resulted in alcohol and drug dependency. She neglected acting and continually delayed filming, to the point that her last film was never finished.

In 1962, when she was only 36, she was found dead at her home in Hollywood, just three days before her fourth wedding. The official cause of death was barbiturate overdose (sleeping pills), but there was much speculation about the real cause of her death. In the years and decades following her death, Marilyn Monroe has been the subject of hundreds of books, films and songs, and an inspiration for various artists and entertainers. The Hollywood diva has remained an exceptionally valuable brand: from the fashion and cosmetics industries to the car and food industries, the name and image of Marilyn Monroe have been used to advertise thousands of various products.


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