Danse macabre silhouettes

On this page you can download three ‘Danse Macabre’ silhouettes that were originally published in the book “Ein Totentanz” (Author: Draesner Walter, Published 1922). On all of the three illustrations there are silhouettes of various scenes with death (the skeleton) as the main motif. The silhouettes belong to the artistic genre of Danse Macabre, also called Dance of Death, which is a late-medieval allegory moralizing on the omnipresence of death and the transience of life i.e. a display of absolute power of death that no one can escape and that, in the end, fairly unites all social classes (irrespective of their social status and wealth). This genre used to be popular in Western European art (Visual art, music, prose, poetry...) during the late Middle Ages.
The aforementioned book is full of silhouettes in Danse Macabre style. If you like, you can quite easily digitize them in 2D CAD or vector programs. The silhouettes are somewhat creepy, but drawn extremely well. If your project is thematically matched, try to use them in any creative way possible.
Danse Macabre Silhouettes are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.
In the picture you can see what the silhouettes look like and if you have an idea how to use them, you can download them in 2D CAD (dwg) or vector (svg and eps) file formats. 
Dance of death silhouette

Ein totentanz silhouette

The danse macabre collection silhouette