Illustration of a centaur

Illustration of a centaurOn this page you can download a circular illustration with the main motif of a centaur holding a torch. Around the centaur illustration there is a border composed of a spiral pattern. The upper third of the border is blank, so you can add an inscription to your liking (instead of the name of our website). The centaur is a creature from Greek mythology that has the head, arms and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse, i. e. a centaur is half-human, half-horse. This centaur illustration comes from a book from the beginning of the last century, and the original illustration contained the inscribed word 'illuminare'  (from latin: to light, to enlighten) in the blank space mentioned.
Available file formats: 2D CAD (.dwg), vector (.svg and .eps) 
This centaur illustration is under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.