Nosferatu silhouette

Nosferatu silhouetteOn this page you can download a digitized silhouette of a scene from the movie Nosferatu ("Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens" (original title)). This scene comes from an Italian poster that announced the famous movie. Nosferatu is a German Expressionist horror film made in 1922, and starring well-known German actors of the time Max Schreck (Graf Orlok), Gustav Wangenheim (Hutter), Greta Schröder (Ellen) ... The silhouette is featuring the famous scene of Graf (Count) Orlok standing on the ship deck. Although the etymological origins of the word/name Nosferatu is not known (there are several theories), it has become synonymous with the more famous words – vampire and Dracula.
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The Nosferatu Silhouette is available in 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (svg and eps) file formats.