Design for a stencil decoration

Design for a stencil decorationThis stencil design originates from the old book ‘Modern British domestic architecture and decoration’ and represents a very nice example of stencil technique. With the help of 2D CAD software, we transformed the stencil design from the book into a 2D CAD sketch and then exported it to vector format. You can download this design in 2D CAD (dwg) or in vector format (svg and eps).

Because each stencil consists of closed curves, it’s really practical for various techniques of decorating by cutting, such as laser cutting, scroll saw, paper cutting and similar. Vector illustrations do not lose on resolution when scaled so you can use this stencil design as decoration for small objects or as decoration of large surfaces, as for example on walls or ceilings.

Inside the vector file you can find a stencil in two versions: colored and outlined. The colored version of the vector we colored the same way as  it was in the original illustration. If you need a different color scheme from the original, use the outlined version of the vector and color it as required. The stencil design we offer can be used in various ways and you will definitely find it useful in your projects.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Design for a stencil decoration - dwg format (595.05 Kb)

Design for a stencil decoration - eps format (2.69 Mb)

Design for a stencil decoration - svg format (2.89 Mb)