This is a collection of 18 simple black and white portrait illustrations depicting young and beautiful women, mostly from the profile.

Their hats and hairstyles can help determine the approximate time when they were drawn, and we believe they can serve you well in case you need a retro-style illustration of this type. All the faces were drawn in a way that used to be popular in America in the middle of the last century, which can be often seen in illustrations contained in comic books and advertisements from that time.


Portrait illustrations of young and beautiful women
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None of the given illustrations are our own work - we have drawn them based on images found in old books and magazines. One illustration comes from an old book that dealt with women's hairstyles, and all the others come from advertisements for a drawing course offered by a school advertised in various magazines at the time. The course was called "Draw Me", and every time it was advertised, a different illustration of a woman's face (i.e., female portrait) would appear. Based on these ads and illustrations, it can be easily concluded that the entire course consisted of tutorials that were sent to you by mail, with the help of which you could learn to draw illustrations like these on your own. As is the case today, the word “free” was manipulated in the ad, i.e., the sentences were composed in such a way that it seemed you would get a course “for free” if you had the talent worth developing, or that some parts of the course were “free”. The ad was a classic marketing story about how illustrators were very important in the industry, that their illustrations greatly influenced product sales, that there were few of them and how they earned high salaries, that machines would never replace illustrators ... Next came the part about course quality with the story that a lot of illustrators had already completed the course and how they were able to make big money based on their new skill, and that this was a unique opportunity for your talent. All this only proves that even back then the same advertising templates were used like nowadays. Based on this, it can be clearly seen that everything has changed but the way of advertising and getting people to buy something; the method has remained similar to the one applied 70 or more years ago.


Submitted by Ceh Jan


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