Download the latest free woodworking and metalworking plans, patterns and 3D models.


Latest free projects

Here is a free woodworking project according to which you can make an ergonomic and sturdy sawhorse with a mounted vise.

To keep the shoes you use most tidy, taking up little space and yet be easily accessible, make a shoe rack.

In front of you there are woodworking plans (parts drawings, assembly drawing, parts list and exploded view) for making 4 different types of Road roller toys.

Here you can download plans for the making of 3 variants of the handy garden tool called ‘hand soil auger’. We called them: Post hole fence hand auger, Spiral garden hand auger and Universal hand soil auger.

This is a project with which you can make the famous solid dissection puzzle known as the Soma cube.

The center square (center line finder) enables you to accurately locate the center of a round stock. Center line finder enables you to accurately locate center (middle) line of a board  (edge, face or end).


If you are looking for free plans with which you can make your own CNC machines, we have searched for you and selected the best quality ones.

There are many DIY projects today that can be used to make 3D printers at home, and some of them can be found here.

If you want to make a wooden egg cup (egg server) like the one in the picture, here you are given a 3D model and a free plan with all the necessary dimensions.

On this page you can download "do it yourself" woodturning project (and 3D model) for the making of a turned wooden goblet.

Here you can dowload a 3D model and a free woodturning plan for the making of a wooden candle holder.


On this page you can download the 3D models and 2D drawings of two wooden candlesticks.

If you want to make a flower pot stand like the one in the picture, here you are given a free woodworking plan with all the necessary dimensions.

This is a plan and a 3D model for making a very simple stool, which we called the compact stool because it consists of only three, but quite massive parts.

With the free woodworking plan that you can download on this page you can make decorative bench with storage area underneath the seat.

Latest free patterns

This vectorized circular ornament here is called the center table marquetry pattern. The ornament is classic in appearance and is definitely more than 150 years old.

Here we present to you an elegant repeating pattern that we called nature-inspired repeating pattern.

If you are engaged in embroidery craft and need a square-shaped tablecloth design (actually square-shaped border), you might like this one here that you can download in 2D CAD and vector file formats.

Here we present a very interesting frieze pattern that we named Viking frieze ornament.

On this page we offer you a little demonstration to show how simple single design elements can be made into various complex designs.

Here you can download a collection of 23 Indian frieze patterns. All the patterns come from two old books with the theme of history of decorative art.

Here scroll saw patterns are presented that can serve you to create 10 different models of letter openers.

Here is a collection of 16 ancient antique patterns known under the names of Greek fret patterns, Greek key patterns and meander patterns.

Square ornamental designs taken from the ceiling of the Parthenon. Both ornaments are stencils and feature the palmette motif.

The picture shows the appearance of frieze pattern that you can download here, which we called the ancient Greek ornament vector.

 On this page you can download Roman frieze ornament whose main motif is the Palmette (Anthemion).

Here you can download a simple design called ‘Ancient Greek Marquetry Ornament’, created to decorate square surfaces.

Here are several designs for Ancient Greek meanders that should meet the requirements of almost any graphic designer.

If you need ornament inspired by ancient Greek culture, this palmette square ornament may satisfy all your requirements.

This is a very  interesting Ancient Greek rectangular ornament which can be downloaded as a 2D CAD sketch or as a vector image.

Latest free 3D models

On this page you can download two 3D models of turned wooden table legs.

This is a realistic 3D model of a wooden lathe-turned stair baluster.

On this page you can download a simple Moorish 3D design. The design falls into the category of interlaced Moorish ornaments and is several hundred years old.

This 3D model has been created based on the image (from old book about architecture) of a Moorish decorative panel made by carving in wood.

On this page you can download two 3D designs in the Art Nouveau style which are intended to decorate square surface areas.

The picture shows a 3D model of a simple ornamental design, which has been modeled in NURBS 3D CAD software and made available to you for free.

This is a simple 3D model of geometrical bas-relief that we named 'Decorative 3D panel'.

On this page you can download a 3D model of ornamental bas-relief that we named „Decorative ornament 3D model“.

On this page you can download two 3D models with which you can decorate a variety of furniture panels.

This is the 3D model of an ancient Greek ornament which was placed on the ceiling of the temple of  Parthenon.

This 3D model represents an Ancient Greek ornamental bas relief that can be used to decorate a square or circular shaped surface (panel).

If you need an interesting math art 3D model shaped like a sphere, then this 3D model of the Voronoi sphere may serve you.

In the picture there is a 3D model that is called the ‘Genus 6 3D surface’ and offered for download here.

If you like unusual math art models, in the picture you can see one that originated in TopMod software based on an octahedron.

Here you can download two similar 3D models called ‘Genus 3 Rind 3D shapes’.