Nikola Tesla Vector Pattern

Nikola Tesla Vector Portrait
Black and white vector portrait of the famous inventor, physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla.
Nikola Tesla, a Serb by origin, was an ingenuous physicist, inventor and constructor in the fields of physics, electrical engineering and radio technology. His most significant finds are the polyphase system, the induction motor, the synchronous motor, the Tesla coil, and many more. Tesla devised the technology that introduced long-distance transmission of electrical power with alternating current, which proved to be a much more efficient and easier method than the one (advocated by Thomas Edison) where direct current was used. 
Tesla’s infamous rivalry with Edison, as well as his inability to patent and commercialize his inventions, had made him feel frustrated and annoyed until his death in 1943. Undoubtedly, we owe great gratitude and admiration for Nikola Tesla’s  ingenuity and perseverance - his inventions have made life so much easier for people throughout the planet! It should not be forgotten that the simplicity of his patents for electric power transmission and conversion into mechanical power set in motion the Industrial Revolution in the true sense of the word. Had Edison won the “War of the Currents”, this would simply not have been possible.
Tesla developed more than 700 patents, and the tesla (symbol T) is a derived unit of magnetic flux density (informally, magnetic field strength).
The vector portrait has been made based on the well-known photo of 34-year-old Nikola Tesla, taken by the popular portrait photographer Napoleon Sarony in 1890. We have paid special attention to vector tracing because we are extremely respectful of this great scientist’s work, and here it is - a high quality vectorized portrait of Tesla, just for you! 
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