Conventionalized peacock feather designs

Conventionalized peacock feather designsThis is a collection that contains 21 conventionalized peacock feather designs. All of them come from old books and have been converted to this useful collection by using 2D CAD software.
By the term “conventionalized” in the arts we mean simplified, stylized or abstract representation of a motif or design. Peacock feathers are a very beautiful decorative motif that is often found in the arts and crafts, and we are sure that in this collection you will find a design that meets your criteria. 
The available file formats: .2D CAD (dwg), vector (svg and eps)
Within the CAD sketch (.dwg file format) there is only the outline of designs, and within the vector files (.svg and .eps file formats) there are colour variants,  as well as  the outline of each design, so that you may paint them to your liking.
Conventionalized peacock feather designs are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.