Horse head intarsia pattern

Horse head intarsia patternOn this page you can download a Horse head intarsia pattern.

The pattern has been drawn manually with Inkscape for the purpose of creating a hobby horse toy plan that you can find here: Hobby horse toy plan.
An image of a horse head profile has been imported into Inkscape program, then parsed into characteristic segments (head features - eyes, ears, nose …) and surfaces by similar color. The outline of all segments has been drawn by manual tracing and the segments trimmed to each other. This way you can create an intarsia pattern from any image. 
The final result is a very nice intarsia pattern that we hope you will use in your project and send us a photo of the completed project.
 Due to their role and importance throughout history (for transportation and labor, and in in cavalry troops in warfare, unfortunately), horses have been a very common motif, so we believe that this pattern will be useful to quite a number of you.
This free intarsia pattern is available in all common 2D CAD and vector file formats: .dwg, .eps, and .svg.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported 

Horse head intarsia pattern - .dwg format (67.98 Kb)

Horse head intarsia pattern - .eps format (285.17 Kb)

Horse head intarsia pattern - .svg format (146.65 Kb)