Grotesque animal ornamental designs

Grotesque animal ornamental designsHere is a collection of 8 grotesque animal ornamental designs  which can be downloaded in vector (eps and svg) and 2D CAD (dwg) formats.
We find that the term ‘Grotesque’ is justified due to two reasons: firstly, we have never seen anything to be similar in style to these ornamental designs and secondly, they were taken from an old book where they had already been called grotesque. In the book, in addition to the illustration featuring these ornamental designs, the following text is read: Grotesque “Powderings”, suitable for the wall ornament
Whether someone will like the designs or not is a subjective matter, but definitely the majority will find them interesting. Nowadays, animal designs and strange things in general are rather popular, so we believe that you will easily think of how to apply the grotesque designs offered here. The ornaments have been drawn precisely, thus there is no need to edit them after importing. Dedicate your full attention to painting them instead.
All the animal ornamental designs that you can download here are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported  license. 
Select the format that suits your needs and click on the link so that you can download these free grotesque designs.