Black and white silhouette of a Crane. Free hand drawn vectorized silhouette that can be used as design element for various projects.

In the photo that we have traced, the bird is taking off from a field, but if the silhouette is slightly rotated, you will get a lifelike reproduction of a crane in horizontal flight. Cranes fly with necks outstretched, which clearly distinguishes them from similar-looking but smaller birds, e.g. herons, as these pull their necks back. Cranes are extraordinary birds in many aspects. They are large birds – the Indian sarus crane can grow as tall as 1.8m and is the tallest flying bird on the planet. Cranes can be traced back to the Eocene. Today, there are 15 living species that can be found worldwide, except for South America and Antarctica.


Crane silhouette
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This precisely-drawn silhouette can be easily downloaded in 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps and .svg) file formats by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Cranes feed and reproduce on wetlands and need large areas of open space. However, due to habitat destruction and hunting, most crane species are threatened or even critically endangered. These beautiful birds are famous for their mating dances. They establish strong pair bonds that last for lifetime. They even use the same nest year after year. During the breeding season, cranes are territorial and live solitary in pairs. In the non-breeding season, however, they are gregarious and form large flocks.

Due to their beauty, large size and spectacular dances, cranes have attained symbolic meanings in many cultures and inspired artists and dancers for centuries. 

As for us, we just wanted to share our fascination with these beautiful birds, and hope that our vectorized crane silhouette can fit into some projects of yours!

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Submitted by Ceh Jan


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