Vectorized donkey illustration

Vectorized donkey illustrationOn this page you can download a vector illustration of a donkey which was found on an old Italian book cover. The illustration is black and white, and the donkey is drawn from behind with its head turned backwards.


The donkey is an animal that has played a major role in history (more than 5000 years), and nowadays we can see it increasingly rarely. It has endured our exploitation of its strength as a working animal, mainly in agriculture and transportation. Unfortunately, a huge number of donkeys, mules and hinnies were killed during the wars. These tame and good-natured animals certainly did not deserve such a fate. Today their number has drastically reduced, but at least people have given them a break.

The donkey is a domesticated subspecies of the African wild ass and belongs to the horse family (equidae).

The illustration is high quality, so it can be used right away, i.e., such as it is, without any need for its further editing or modifying using vector or 2D CAD software. Feel free to use the illustration for both personal and commercial purposes. We hope you won’t do it to show donkeys in a negative context!  Vectorized Donkey illustration is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

As with all of our free vectors, this vectorized illustration of a Donkey can also be downloaded as a 2D CAD sketch in dwg file format or as a vector illustration in svg and eps file formats.


Vectorized donkey illustration - dwg 2D CAD file format (156.17 KB)


Vectorized donkey illustration - eps vector file format (472.39 KB)


Vectorized donkey illustration - svg vector file format (329.36 KB)