Mayan designs

Mayan designsHere you can download Mayan designs that are drawn according to some reliefs preserved from the period of the Maya civilization.
The Ancient Maya were a Mesoamerican civilization that developed in the area of what is now southeastern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. It was an advanced civilization with a fully developed writing system, a knowledge of mathematics and astronomy and highly developed decorative art and architecture. To this day, a large number of Mayan sculptures, reliefs, murals and various items of pottery painted in famous Mayan style have been preserved. The Mayans were invaded by the Toltecs, and Spanish colonization destroyed all of their spiritual culture, so that only material culture monuments have remained. 
Here you are offered 8 designs found in an old book on the Maya civilization. As with all of our free designs, these Mayan designs can also be downloaded as a sketch in 2D CAD dwg file format or as a vector illustration in svg and eps formats.
If you happen to need Mayan designs like these, you can easily draw them by searching for images of Mayan art on the Internet (keywords: Mayan relief, Mayan glyphs, Mayan art), importing them to 2D CAD or vector software and tracing them manually or automatically.
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