Fiery butterfly pattern

Fiery butterfly pattern

On this page you can download the pattern called Fiery butterfly. We have named this stencil pattern ‘fiery’ because of the drawing of a butterfly with its wings’ ends turning into flames.  This butterfly pattern represents stylized butterfly drawing – in reality it would hardly could fly with so heavily hacked wings. However, this butterfly pattern can be used as a part of various graphic and craft designs. You can use this fiery butterfly vector as a motif in designing decorative labels, decorative wrapping paper, as a part of more complex drawings, but also to create an embroidery design, or for other similar purposes.

This is a simple butterfly stencil pattern that was created out of sheer boredom while practicing with Inkscape vector software.

The fiery butterfly pattern is a free pattern, and we hope it will be convenient for use in some of your projects. It can be edited, modified, and colored differently, i.e., in a way to suit your needs and taste.

This butterfly pattern is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Vector file types included: 2D CAD - .dwg; Vector - .eps and .svg

Fiery butterfly pattern - .dwg format (75.86Kb)

Fiery butterfly pattern - .eps format (280.65Kb)

Fiery butterfly pattern - .svg format (179.7Kb)