Scorpion vector pattern

Scorpion vector pattern

Scorpions are arthropods related to spiders (they are not insects!). They are nocturnal animals that can be found all around the world, except Antarctica, mainly within the tropical zone and often in extremely harsh environments like deserts. All scorpion species are venomous predators due to the presence of venom glands connected with the stinger at the end of their “tail”. When scorpions attack their prey or defend themselves from predators, they raise their tail forward over the body and thrust their venomous stinger into the victim. Depending on their size and venom potency, just few scorpion species can cause severe health problems or death to humans.

Free vector illustration of a Scorpion. This Scorpion vector pattern is fully editable, just download them bellow, open the file in vector editing software and customize.

Due to their toxicity, self-defense capability and ability to survive extreme environmental conditions, scorpions have always had a symbolic role in various cultures from ancient times until today. Probably the best known use of the scorpion as a symbol is the Scorpio astrological sign in the Zodiac (♏). Of course there are numerous other examples of scorpion symbolism. In Ancient Egypt, the scorpion was the symbol of the goddess Selket (Serket), protector of the  dead and guardian of transitioning souls, who was often depicted in tombs with a large scorpion on top of her head. In Greco-Roman mythology,  Artemis sends a giant scorpion to sting Orion to death. African shamans believe in high medical power of scorpion’s venom. Also, the scorpion has been a common artistic motif, since ancient times. Nowadays, the scorpion is also a common motif in tattoo art.

Did you know? - Scorpions contain fluorescent chemicals (one such component is beta-carboline) in their cuticle, so they glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The female scorpion carries her babies on her back until they grow enough to be able to survive without her.

Based on all the abovementioned, you will find that this free scorpion vector pattern can be used for a whole range of themes and purposes!

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