Parrot vector pattern

Parrot vector pattern
Here you can download a simple and free Parrot vector pattern. 
The pattern depicts a parrot sitting on a branch. In fact, it represents an intarsia pattern of the parrot. The photo of the parrot was found on the Internet and imported into vector software. On it, we drew the outline of surfaces similar in color by using curves. In this way you get an outline of a number of surfaces that, together, give the shape of a parrot, and when you adequately color them, it results in a pretty realistic image of the parrot. If you cut each surface out of wood of certain color and thickness (intarsia) or veneer  (marquetry), and then glue them on a flat surface, you will get a picture transformed into a real piece of wood artwork. This is the process of how to create an intarsia pattern (or marquetry pattern) from any photo, and 2D CAD or vector programs will be very helpful.
Also, a command Adjust number of colors (in graphics software) can greatly help during the process, reducing the number of colors in the photo, which will make it easier for you to define the surfaces to be outlined.
From the obtained intarsia pattern, we easily made a silhouette that you can download here: Parrot silhouette vector pattern
License for this vector pattern: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
This beautiful parrot vector pattern is available in three different vector file formats: dwg, eps and svg.

Parrot vector pattern - .dwg format (80.83 Kb)

Parrot vector pattern - .eps format (694.37 Kb)

Parrot vector pattern - .svg format (442.46 Kb)