Porcupine stencil pattern

Porcupine stencil patternHere you can download a simple stencil pattern of a porcupine. This stencil has been created based on the illustration from the book „The development of modern book art in Germany“ (Original title: Die entwicklung der modernen buchkunst in Deutschland) published in 1901. Using 2D CAD software we have traced this illustration into 2D sketch that is then transformed into a vector form. In this way we enabled this stenci to be used in CAD (dwg format) and vector graphics (eps and svg formats) software. To be able to edit or modify this stencil pattern, you need to have installed 2D CAD or vector program. 
Porcupine stencil pattern is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. 
The pattern comes in three different file formats: 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (svg and eps)
 If you find this stencil pattern useful, send me link to your work, I'™d love to see what you come up with!